Well, school is just about done for most students, but what about teachers?

It is no secret that my mom is a teacher. She teaches first grade.

I do not write about education generally because it would be unethical with my mom being a teacher and the president of the teachers’ union in Rio Rancho.

On this occasion though, I would like to shine a light on the end of the year for teachers.

As I was sitting in my mom’s classroom watching her take down posters, put away books and prepare fun activities for the last day of school, I thought about all the small things teachers do for their students.

Every material in my mom’s classroom is for the benefit of her students.

Is it always appreciated? No. Kids don’t always appreciate the small things. Sometimes their parents don’t either.

And while it is the last day of school for students, it is not for teachers. And while students have to go to school for 13 years, teachers go to school for years after that.

The truth is teachers are relieved at the end of the school year beyond words. But they still make time to create fun for them on the last day.

Teaching is not for the faint of heart, which is why it takes someone with patience, passion and understanding to get the job done. Even though students try teachers’ patience all year long, they still stick around and become like another parent.

So on this last day of school, please remember that the end of the year isn’t the end for teachers. It is just another break until they start again in the fall. Teacher appreciation shouldn’t be just one day.