So it is no secret that I love cars, but I try to go to as many car shows and meets, too.

This year there will be plenty to go to. I have a few favorites, though.

The first is a car meet that I have been going to for the past few years at Cafe Bella Coffee every Friday night except for Christmas week.

It is a car meet, so it literally just means cars and people getting together and hanging out.

People can grab a street taco or a coffee inside and walk around to look at cars. If they are lucky, they can meet someone and have a good conversation about a vehicle.

Michael Gonzales, the owner of Cafe Bella and New Mexico Motor Events, brings his own sweet rides and promotes any car shows or cruises that might be coming up.

Most recently, the group went on a cruise to local restaurants in Rio Rancho and Albuquerque. A “cruise” is a cool way for people to enjoy cars without freezing their butt off in the cold.

Basically, everyone with a ride to show off gets in a line and drives all over the place. Sometimes there is a raffle, and all proceeds go to a needy cause of Gonzales’ choosing.

Another one I go to on Saturdays is Cars and Coffee in Albuquerque. This is more of a car show, but it is free to enter at the Satellite Coffee on Jefferson near the Journal Center.

The cars at this meet are typically higher in class and more expensive. There are also more cars. Typically there are at least 50 or so.

Every weekend there is something new to look at, though. Last weekend there was a brand-new Stradale Ferrari. I once saw a classic Bentley with white walls and wine glasses in the back.

The big one that I always look forward to is the Albuquerque Super Show in June. This one requires tickets to get in, and there are hundreds of cars to go through. This one takes place at the Convention Center, so it can be expensive for tickets and parking.

There are some national and global ones, but tickets cost half a year’s salary for some of those.

If I could go to one of those shows it would be the SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you have a show or meet in mind for this year, feel free to send it to my email: [email protected].