The 1990s and early 2000s style is returning to the shelves at Target.

If you were a ’90s-2000s baby, you probably remember butterfly hair clips, Polly Pockets, dresses over jeans and denim everything.

As someone who was born in 2001, I grew up on the tail end of ’90s fashion trends. This meant I had the terrible bangs, butterfly clips, scrunchies, jeans with a bedazzled pattern on the butt and sparkly pink Converse to top it off.

Those times were very different from now.

I remember I used to do my dad’s hair with butterfly clips and scrunchies when I was bored. What a trooper. Everything had flowers or glitter on it, too.

And if that wasn’t enough, my little first-grade self had princess glitter heels that click-clacked when I walked in them.

For my fiancé, it was Hot Wheels and the school uniform we had to wear in elementary school. We remember the halls being full of Heelys and light-up Sketchers. Our school banned Heelys at one point because they marked up the floor so badly.

Guys’ haircuts back then were always something spikey or a bowl cut. There was never anything in between.

I never thought I would see those fashion trends return.

So when I went to Target for some Tylenol, I was very surprised to see half of my childhood hanging on the shelves.

I am not alone, though. A few months ago Target had ’70s and ’80s stuff on the shelves, and my parents were laughing about their childhoods.

While these fashion trends are silly in hindsight, they hold a special place in my heart because it added some glitter to my growing up. So I bought some butterfly hair clips for the heck of it.

What is a fashion trend that you grew up with that you wish would come back?