I have said it before and I will say it again, I am disgusted by the new generation.

Now, the reason is the new round of slang terms that peers my age have so pridefully come up with.

I thought the last round of words like “whack” and “sus” was bad, but now the words being said just don’t make any sense at all.

If it is confusing to me, then it will be confusing for the older generations, too.

The worst word I think I have heard is “cap.” To say “cap” means something is a lie. It stems from TikTok culture. A couple years ag,o there was a big thing about a facial cream that worked miracles on black heads but a “doctor,” or Toktor as I like to call them, revealed to the world that the cream was none other than average, everyday use Cap Cream. So the word “cap” surfaced to reference lies or impersonations.

Similarly, “no cap” means no lie.

The term makes me gag; I cannot tell a lie.

The next term is gyatt. This term I find to be completely objectifying and gross. Gyatt is a term used to notice women who are particularly curvy or have a large rear end. I already detest being cat-called, but a term that sounds like a cat throwing up a hair ball makes it that much worse.

One word I understand is the acronym GOAT. But this term didn’t come out of Gen Z and has been around longer than some people would believe. It means greatest of all time. So as a decent compliment, I accept it as a slang term.

But in all seriousness, what happened to the really awesome terms that used to be used all the time? Slang like “chill pill” or “to the max” are phrases I grew up hearing from my parents, but these make sense. One I miss is “gnarly.” It’s so fun to say and it makes challenging things fun.

I know I am young, but on behalf of my generation, I am sorry.

I feel that the new terms used in today’s world are just prime examples of education amongst our youth. The words are shorter because they fit into a text. The simple fact is that use of smart phones to communicate has stunted our brains and we are no longer capable of forming complete sentences.

Some of us are competent, though. Please recognize that not all of us fit into the Gen Z stereotype.