I grew up in Rio Rancho. My parents and I lived here since I was 4 years old, about to turn 5 (I am now about to be 22). My parents still live here, but I moved out with my other half to Albuquerque about two years ago.

I am aware that many people have compared Rio Rancho and Albuquerque. They talk about crime, business, cost of living, etc. Part of Rio Rancho is molded into the borders of Albuquerque, and it is obvious the lifestyles of the two combine there.

As someone who has lived and worked in both places, I feel there are a few things that distinguish the two from each other.

The first thing I notice when comparing Albuquerque and Rio Rancho is the types of crimes committed and how often they happen. Contrary to popular belief, the crimes committed are about the same in both. It makes sense, though, because if you think about it, the more people you add to an area, the more conflict and crime will occur.

Rio Rancho is rapidly growing, and with it people’s appetites for violence, money and stability.

Another thing that separates the two is the personality of each city. The focuses are different. Rio Rancho is a city with small-town vibes. Albuquerque is a city with big-city vibes.

The last thing that I have noticed is the people and how they act. In Rio Rancho, there is an almost tense way that people talk to each other. It is like there is a worry that a person won’t be accepted to the community. In Albuquerque, it feels opposite in that people don’t really care who you are or what you do.

I think it is important to take notice in people in your community but not so much so that they feel like they are under a microscope.

It is hard to balance society in a city, and I don’t blame anyone for that. But to compare apples and oranges seems like a waste of time to me.