These days it might seem like everyone is asking for a tip. Most are, but some deserve it.

I used to be in food service making deliveries and doing catering orders for hundreds of people. There were times when I made that much food and would deliver it but the company wouldn’t tip me.

From the point of view of the person ordering food, it might seem like all the delivery driver is doing is delivering. In my case, I was preparing the food, packaging it and delivering it in my own car with my own gas. Because I have been on the other side of that, I always tip.

Here is why. That delivery driver, server, food prepper or whatever is probably going through school or has kids at home, works minimum wage or relies on tips for their paycheck.

That person, whatever the position may be, is working hard to make ends meet, so a little extra on the tip can go a long way for them.

Yes, the minimum wage is higher now. But cars, homes, apartments, bills and necessities are all more expensive. So even though minimum-wagers are getting more, it is still not enough.

Just think, if they are making $15  an hour for five days a week at 40 hours a week, then that makes their gross paycheck on a biweekly pay about $1,200. That is $2,400 per month. Annually, that’s a little less than $30,000.

Now take away taxes.

Now take the average apartment rent of $900 (in Rio Rancho and Albuquerque) away. Or a mortgage. The average cost of a home in New Mexico costs near $300,000.

Then take away their utilities on top of that. Even those are starting to skyrocket, too.

Now take away car payments and insurance. The average car costs $30,000-$40,000 now.

What about groceries and gas?

The rest that they have goes to either their college fund, kids or medical bills.

That tip can mean just a little bit more on their paycheck that could keep them in a stable financial situation.