Two Rio Rancho men, James Ward, around 42, and Ryan Day, around 38, are facing burglary charges for stealing chainsaws from the Northern Blvd. Lowe’s Home Improvement on May 29, according to a complaint from the Rio Rancho Police Department.

In addition, Ward is facing larceny and property damage charges because he attempted to sell the chainsaws on Facebook Marketplace and caused damage to a wall.

When reporting to the store on a reported burglary, officers saw Ward, on surveillance video, entering through the garden section, taking two Craftsman chainsaws and leaving with them through the same part of the store. He then came back and grabbed two Kobalt chainsaws.

He could be seen fleeing in a black Chevy Cobalt on Loma Colorado Blvd.

Officers were taken to the garden section, where there was damage to the exterior wall of the store and a 4-foot by 5-foot hole cut in the fencing. The damage repair amounted to $2,000, and the stolen chainsaws amounted to just under $570.

According to the report, Lowe’s was not open at the time of the incident. Additionally, two employees saw the male subject enter the store, but did not question his presence due to all the overnight employees being out of uniform.

Ward’s Facebook Marketplace post offered the Craftsman chainsaws for $80. There was also a posting for the Kobalt Chainsaws at $175 on Facebook Marketplace made by Day.

Officers stated in the report that they were familiar with both Ward and Day, and searches of their Facebook profiles confirmed they were the men they had encountered before.

After making this connection, officers went to Day’s home, where they saw a black Chevrolet Malibu parked in the driveway. While Day walked away from the door when officers announced themselves, his mother told him to speak to the police.

He admitted to picking Ward up from Lowe’s after receiving a request to do so by both phone call and text message. He said he Ward told him the store was open at the time and that he was under the belief that Ward had stashed the chainsaws earlier in the day and came back at night to get them.

Day drove Ward to Allsups on Ridgecrest Drive, then back to Lowe’s, dropping him off on Loma Colorado and waiting for him in the nearby Speedway parking lot. When officers asked Day about parking off site, he said he knew Ward was doing something illegal and did not want to be part of it. When Ward returned to Day’s car, he said they drove around for several hours while he delivered for Door Dash before dropping Ward off at the Speedway.

At the police station, Day offered the same story while admitting that he knew the chainsaws were stolen. However, he remained adamant that he didn’t know Ward had cut the fence to steal them.

When officers asked Day about the location of the stolen chainsaws and the Facebook post, he said that Ward told him there were buyers for two of the chainsaws and had last spoken to him at 7 a.m. May 29. Officers asked why Day would care about Ward selling stolen property, and he replied that Ward was going to give him money from the sales.

Then officers questioned Day about the location of the stolen items and confronted him on his own Facebook Marketplace posting.

Day then stated that he’d driven Ward to his residence after they’d visited Allsups. Day admitted to keeping the stolen property in his garage and conspiring with Ward to sell the items and split the money. He stated the stolen property was still contained in his garage and volunteered to return it to police.

Day was released from custody and brought back to his residence, where he consented to a search for the stolen property. The four stolen chainsaws were recovered from the attic, not the garage, and given to the officers. Lowe’s confirmed these were the stolen chainsaws.

Both men were issued summons for the charges. If convicted, they could face one to 20 years for the burglary. Ward could face an additional two years for the larceny and damage to property plus fines for the damage.