Rio, new to the RRPD. (Photo from RRPD Facebook site)


Rio, a Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle), is the latest addition to the Rio Rancho Police Department.

She is already a star, getting TV time. Her handle came from a Facebook campaign by the department, allowing the community to weigh in on her name.

“Please welcome the newest member of the Rio Rancho Police Department! 🤩 Desert Schnoodles a family oriented Corrales based breeder, provided RRPD with our amazing new puppy which will be utilized as a Therapy Dog,” RRPD says on its Facebook page.

Rio, said Jacquelynn Reedy, spokeswoman for the RRPD, “will be utilized in many different capacities. Rio, and her handler Detective (Kimberly) Hopper, are currently being trained to provide support for the victims of crimes, for both officer and dispatcher support, and to support the community.”

As the department’s therapy dog, Rio will also be used for emotional support to individuals who have been exposed to traumatic events.

Here’s a list of her duties:

  1. Therapeutic services to the employees of the Rio Rancho Police Department, the City of Rio Rancho citizens and criminally affected victims.
  2. Boost the overall morale among the employees of the Rio Rancho Police Department.
  3. Supply emotional and therapeutic support during high-stress or critical incident debriefs.
  4. To promote a positive public perception and provide advocacy for the Rio Rancho Police Department

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