Hali Kayhill, author of “Will You Be Mine,”will be at the Meadowlark Senior Center on March 6 to discuss her book.

The book is about an abandoned daughter and single mother.

“Candy Nolan has experienced more rejection at 25 than most people endure in a lifetime. Despite having turned her life around, the guilt and shame of Candy’s past still feels branded into her soul. While she can’t be blamed for her unfortunate childhood, her failure to meet expectations, tendency to trust the wrong people, and rebellious nature all contributed to her descent into prostitution. Those unwelcome guests held her hostage until the discovery of an identical twin sister challenged Candy’s perspective,” the book description says.

Quiet time with Jesus, reading, enjoying a cup of tea, napping with my hubby and puppies, talking about almost anything with my daughter, loving on my grandkids, lunch and laughter with friends, cooking healthy meals, listening to wonderful music, enjoying a vigorous workout, and creating stories are a few of my favorite things,” Kayhill says on her website.

There is no fee to meet Kayhill. She will be at the senior center from 1:15-2:30 p.m.