(Garrison Wells/Observer)


After 10 a.m. Thursday, Rio Rancho residents will be able to get their first sausage biscuit, coffee, Big Mac or fresh fries from the latest McDonald’s restaurant – and a big step for northern Rio Rancho.

That’s when her new restaurant opens, said owner Clemy Garza.

Garza and her father, Julian, own all of the McDonald’s restaurants in Rio Rancho.

Construction has been under way at the restaurant at the corner of Northern and Unser Blvds. since March.

The McDonald’s offers an eatery much closer to neighborhoods in Mariposa, Northern Meadows and Broadmoor, and residents will not have to make the drive to Southern Blvd. where most area restaurants are located. The restaurant also is expected to set a trend among businesses to locate in the area, which includes a Walgreens and a new Champions Xpress Carwash.

New residential building is exploding along Broadmoor Blvd. NE and in Mariposa.