Rio Rancho Mayor Greggory Hull

Make no mistake, Rio Rancho is prospering



There has been a flurry of news and commentary recently regarding retail business expansion and new restaurants looking to join the local market.

This is on top of significant job creation announcements via Intel and NTx Bio last year. In addition, robust new home construction has been occurring.

What all of this adds up to is that Rio Rancho is moving in the right direction.

When success and positive momentum exists, typically, community stakeholders try to pinpoint the singular cause and effect in an effort to quickly replicate and guide the way forward.

The fact is, Rio Rancho is seeing growth and development and positive momentum because of many people and decision-making that has occurred over the years. Rio Rancho’s population continues to grow and more than doubled between the year 2000 and 2020. Population growth can attract new businesses and expansion of existing businesses. The availability of government-provided incentives can also play a role attracting businesses, as well as the regulatory environment.

What keeps more and more people calling Rio Rancho home and helping bring about more jobs and businesses?

If you follow national publications and corresponding surveys and data, key factors include access to healthcare, quality public schools, low crime and quality of life through services and amenities. Rio Rancho scores well in these areas, and these are major factors why our community is nationally ranked as one of the best places to live.

How and why does Rio Rancho rank highly in these areas?

Big decisions. Small decisions. The public sector via government and schools. The private sector. The list goes on and on as to how and why a community and its many different facets either prospers, stagnates or regresses.

For example, over the years, the people of Rio Rancho, through different ballot initiatives, have invested and supported expanded healthcare, schools, public safety and quality of life. In order to gain this support, the public sector had to listen to its citizenry, earn trust, make strategic and sound decisions and deliver a valuable service or amenity.  Similarly, private sector businesses must deliver consistent products and services for a price that consumers believe is fair, which builds trust and a customer base.

Make no mistake, Rio Rancho is prospering. This did not happen without a few bumps along the way; however, it is clear successes have far outpaced any real or perceived missteps.

In order for Rio Rancho to keep its good thing going, many different people, organizations and entities will need to work together, require high levels of accountability and integrity from each other and focus on initiatives that bring about benefits both in the short- and long-term and for as many people as possible.