Nicholaus Herrera, 40, of Rio Rancho, was summoned by police for embezzling a truck worth over $20,000 from his ex-girlfriend on July 7.

The ex-girlfriend called dispatch to report her truck stolen. She told dispatchers that she had loaned the vehicle to Herrera a few months prior with the agreement that he would pay for the car payments.

She said months later he stopped making payments and wouldn’t return the truck.

When officers arrived, she told them the truck was hers and hers alone. Their agreement for the car payments was verbally discussed but not documented. Herrera was on the insurance but not on any other vehicle documentation.

She learned that the car payments were past due and asked Herrera to bring the truck back.

While police were on scene, she asked for the truck back via phone call again.

Herrera said, “No. You can have your truck back and shove it up your a–.”

Officers attempted to talk to Herrera on the phone, but he refused to have anything to do with police at all.

If convicted, Herrera could face up to nine years for second-degree embezzlement.