The Sandoval County 13th Judicial District Court sentenced a man identified as Kelsey Townsend, 39, of Rio Rancho, to 18 months on April 11, three of which will be spent in jail and 15 on probation for extreme animal cruelty acts that he committed in late 2021.

In October 2021, Townsend was summoned because his neighbor caught video of him harming two puppies in his yard.

The videos acquired by the neighbor show Townsend carrying the puppies by their collars and throwing them about 15-20 feet into the air. Another video shows him firing his BB gun at them as well.

Rio Rancho Police officers responded to the residence but could not find Townsend to question him. They did talk to Townsend’s wife, who was confused as to why he was using this form of punishment.

The two blue heeler puppies were a gift for their kids.

She told officers that the only punishment for the puppies is when they pee or poop in the house. They then rub their nose in it and take them outside to show them where they are supposed to go.

Animal Control was also called. They took both puppies to the vet for emergency services.

One puppy required an operation to remove the BB from under its skin. The BB was “dangerously close to its lung,” according to the report and caused a contusion.

They were both cleared from the hospital and taken by animal control services.