Rio Rancho Police responded to a July 22 call describing a man who attempted to punch a Popeye’s Chicken manager in the face on Southern Blvd. Officers learned that the suspect was Mitchell White, (37) who had four warrants for his arrest, two of which were felony warrants, according to the complaint.

Officers found White riding a bicycle near the CVS on Southern. When the officer called to him to stop, White flipped the officer off. He then continued to ride down Southern and onto NM 528.  Officers watched him almost get hit by oncoming  traffic.

They located him again on Sabana Grande Blvd., where he continued to ignore them.

He continued on foot with his bicycle in hand near Ace Hardware by Sabana Grande.

When the officer that caught up to him tased White, he pulled the taser connections out. He then tried to run away again into 528 traffic, but another officer tackled him.

For this case he could be charged with assault upon a peace officer.

If White is charged, he could face up to five years in prison and a fine up to $5,000. This could change though, because White had multiple warrants and he evaded an officer.