Manuel Calbert, 46, of Rio Rancho, was arrested for shooting from a motor vehicle and tampering with evidence on June 15.

According to a criminal complaint filed with the Sandoval County Magistrate Court in Bernalillo, officers responded to a welfare check call near Southern Blvd. and Unser Blvd.

Officers spoke to Calbert’s neighbor, who said that they had gotten into an argument with Calbert earlier that evening about Calbert sitting in his vehicle across from the neighbor’s home. The neighbor told officers that they had believed Calbert was stalking their family, so they had gone outside to confront him.

The neighbor told officers that Calbert reached into his truck and pulled out what the neighbor believed to be a firearm. The neighbor admitted that they pulled out their gun and fired a single round into the air because of this. Calbert then also allegedly fired a round from inside his truck before driving away.

According to the complaint, the neighbor showed officers footage of the incident, which indicated the two neighbors arguing and threatening to fight each other. Officers then observed in the video that the neighbor returned to their home and Calbert returned to his vehicle, before they continued to yell at each other and a round was fired from the neighbor’s side, then a round was fired from Calbert’s side. Officers then observed in the video that Calbert drove away.

Officers spoke to Calbert, who said that he was sitting in his vehicle when his neighbor approached him and started yelling at him. He told officers that the neighbor fired a round into the air, but Calbert was never in fear for his life.

Calbert at first denied shooting his own gun. After officers told him about the video evidence, Calbert admitted to firing a round and leaving to hide the firearm before returning to the scene.

Officers observed two spent casings near the homes. Calbert was placed under arrest for shooting from his motor vehicle without due regard for the safety of others and attempting to hide evidence of the crime.

If convicted, Calbert could face up to three years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

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