Kenneth Wolfe, about 35, of Rio Rancho, was arrested Aug. 13 for three counts each of aggravated battery and battery after he reportedly choked an off-duty cop.

According to a criminal complaint filed with the Sandoval County Magistrate Court, officers were called to Capri CT SE for a report of an active domestic and battery. The caller said she was at the address, which belonged to Wolfe, her ex-boyfriend, with her children and current boyfriend, the off-duty officer. She said Wolfe ant the boyfriend were fighting and Wolfe was choking the boyfriend.

When officers arrived, Wolfe was laying in his back on the ground and the boyfriend was partially kneeling on top of him, holding his right wrist. Wolfe was placed in handcuffs. Medics were called to the scene due to Wolfe having an obvious injury to the back of his head and the off duty cop having been choked. Wolfe was walked to and placed in the back seat of a patrol unit.

The woman said Wolfe is her ex and the father of her three children. There was a miscommunication about dropping the kids off as well as an exchange of furniture, and she thought Wolfe was angry about it.

After agreeing to meet Wolfe at his house, she said she was not going to talk to him about their disagreements because it was not going to get them anywhere. She said she could tell Wolfe had been drinking. When she went out to her car, Wolfe stood in front of the it and started yelling at her boyfriend. Wolfe told her boyfriend to get out of the driver seat because Wolfe pays for the car insurance. She told Wolfe multiple times to get out of the way, and Wolfe pushed her while they were both standing in front of the car. Her boyfriend got out of the car and told Wolfe he was not going to do this.

Wolfe got into the car and turned off the engine and grabbed the woman’s purse and went to walk into the house with it. The boyfriend told Wolfe to give the purse back, saying he could not take her stuff. Wolfe refused to give the phone back and he threw her purse out into the side of the road. She said something happened near the fence and she was shoved, showing officers a fresh scrape on her right wrist. She also had bruising in her chest area.

She then said her boyfriend was telling Wolfe to stop putting hands on her. When she called police, the situation seemed to escalate. She said she told her kids to go to the neighbors as a safety plan.

Wolfe reportedly kept getting into the off-duty officer’s face and grabbed his neck. She was on the phone with dispatch telling them to hurry up because Wolfe had her boyfriend by the neck. She admitted she stepped on Wolfe’s chest when she saw him choking the boyfriend. The scuffle continued as police approached.

The off-duty officer said he was choked by Wolfe three times before he had enough. His story about the disagreement between the woman and Wolfe matched, and the altercation began with Wolfe repeatedly shoving him. When he told the woman to call the police, Wolfe began choking him. The altercation continued among arguments about the children, though he said no punches were thrown. Wolfe continued to attempt to choke the off-duty officer, who then took Wolfe to the ground, which is when Wolfe hit his head. The officer managed to restrain Wolfe at this point, though he continued to choke the officer. Wolfe then punched the officer in the face just before officers arrived.

Officers saw pink marks around his neck, his neck was swollen, and there was a pink mark behind his ear. He complained of pain in his throat, including a hoarse voice, and was seen by medics.

Wolfe claimed the off-duty cop said he couldn’t be touched because he was a cop. He added that he knew the boyfriend was a cop and that he would “probably get away with it.” He also claimed that he was being attacked as well.

He admitted to starting the altercation and choking the off-duty officer and was arrested on the battery charges.

If convicted, Wolfe faces up to 10 1/2 years in prison.