Kenneth Wolfe, about 35, of Albuquerque, was arrested for making a false report and burglarizing a vehicle at a residence on the 1500 block of Capri Court Sept. 26.

Wolfe was previously arrested for repeatedly choking an off-duty officer at the same residence Aug. 13, a case that is still pending. Wolfe was released from custody until the time of his hearing for that case with the conditions that he not contact the victim, consume any drugs or alcohol and not leave the county. A preliminary examination of his case will not be done until January.

In the new charges, officers responded to a call of a burglary in progress. Wolfe reported that his neighbors’ house was being robbed, that the subjects had guns and had shot at him. Wolfe said he was in his garage now and believed there was four people in a white Ford pickup truck.

As officers arrived, he told dispatch that the vehicles were now leaving and turning onto Lisbon Avenue SE in a white Chevy pickup and a dark blue pickup.

Officers stopped the white ford pickup and detained the driver. Police spoke to the driver and his work partner. Officers reported that both of their statements matched, saying they they were hired by the homeowner to do remodeling work. This was confirmed with the homeowner.

They also said that Wolfe went over to the house and began telling them that they were not to be at that house. The driver said Wolfe was trying to instigate him and physically fight him but he walked away and continued working on the house. He also said he saw Wolfe get into his vehicle without permission.

Wolfe was taken into police custody and booked into Sandoval County Detention Center for vehicle burglary and false reporting.

The conditions of Wolfe’s release have changed so that he will be under supervision until his hearing. The preliminary examination hearing for this case will take place Oct. 27.

If convicted, Wolfe will go to prison for four-plus years on the new charges.