Jorge Plates, about 30, of Bernalillo, was arrested for criminal sexual contact of a minor under 13 years of age Nov. 12.

Rio Rancho Police Department officers responded to a report of child abuse that occurred at an undisclosed location.

Officers met up with the calling party, who is the mother of the victim. She said for the past year, she and Plates have had a romantic relationship and that he had been living in the residence with her and the victim.

The mother said she was inside her bedroom while Plates was in the living room with the victim, who was laying across Plates’ lap while watching TV.

At this point, the mother stated, she started to get a “bad feeling.” She said she has a Ring camera set up inside the living room that faces the couch. She checked the live video footage, which was recording Plates and the victim at the time of the incident. While looking at the video footage, the mom saw the victim  laying down on her side, across Plates’ lap. He was using both hands to massage the legs of the victim. After massaging the girl’s legs for a few minutes, he began to inappropriately touch the victim in a sexual manner. This went on for a few minutes. During the entirety of the incident, the victim was was fully clothed.

After observing the video, the mom immediately proceeded to the living room and confronted Plates about the contact with the victim.

Plates told her that he was distracted by watching TV and did not know what he was doing. She then demanded he leave the residence, which he did without incident.

If convicted, Plates will face a minimum of three years in prison.