Ryland Olivas-Steckman, about 18, of Rio Rancho, was arrested for burglary on Aug. 22 at the Speedway at NM 528 and Corrales Road.

Officers were dispatched to the Speedway at 11:40 p.m on a report that a man, later identified as Olivas-Steckman, entered the gas station while the store was closed. Olivas-Steckman was still inside the gas station at the time of the call.

When officers arrived, Olivas-Steckman walked outside holding a pair of 24/7 T6 Trend sunglasses with the tag on them as he was being detained. He was escorted to a police unit and a protective sweep was conducted inside the gas station.

He told them he thought the gas station was open and that the door to the gas station was unlocked and the lights were on. He said he went inside the gas station and thought the employee was on break and that he went behind the counter and got cigarettes.

The manager then arrived on the scene and showed officers the surveillance footage of Olivas-Steckman entering the gas station at approximately 11:32 p.m. The surveillance footage also revealed him going behind the counter to get cigarettes and Juul Vapes at approximately 11:35 p.m. The manager said the door to the gas station was probably left unlocked.

Olivas-Steckman was found with one pack of Newport Cigarettes, three packs of Juul Menthol Vapes and one pack of the basic Jul Vape. The total amount of merchandise was $122.

If convicted, Olivas-Steckman faces a minimum of 18 months in prison.