A man identified as Jonathan Van-Tussenbroek, about 26, of Rio Rancho, was arrested for burglary of a vehicle and assault (attempted battery) at the McDonald’s on Northern Blvd. May 16.

According to a report filed by the Rio Rancho Police Department, a witness on scene saw Van-Tussenbroek walking through the McDonald’s parking lot checking door handles.

The witness then saw Van-Tussenbroek open a Dodge pickup door. He then walked away with items in his hands.

The witness told the owner of the truck about the burglary, who identified his belongings.

The owner of the truck and Van-Tussenbroek then got into an argument over who’s stuff it was. Van-Tussenbroek insisted that the items were his.

He then dropped the items and attempted to punch the owner of the truck.

Van-Tussenbroek then took off toward the Speedway Gas Station.

Officers located him a short time later on Unser Blvd.

If convicted, Van-Tussenbroek could face a year and a half behind bars.