Berdino Arthur, 50, of Rio Rancho, was arrested for battery and assault charges that took place at the intersection Northern Blvd. and NM 528 July 15. He also had an active arrest warrant.

According to a criminal complaint filed by Rio Rancho Police Department with Sandoval County Magistrate Court, officers saw a Nissan Altima traveling on NM 528 with a license plate that indicated there was an active warrant out for the driver, Arthur.

A woman was driving the vehicle, but Arthur was in the passenger seat. When officers asked Arthur for his identification, he said, “I didn’t break any law, so I don’t think I need to show you.”

After more officers arrived, they approached the vehicle and asked Arthur to get out due to the warrant status.

He replied, “Who do you think I am?”

Officers repeated their commands. Again Arthur asked, “Who do you think I am?”

When they showed Arthur the warrant photo, he allegedly got out of the vehicle and approached a female officer in a threatening manner. She yelled at him to back off, but he didn’t listen.

They then ordered him to get on the ground. Instead, he stood there with his arms bowed from the sides.

He then shouted “shoot me” and threw his hat at an officer, striking them in the chest. An officer then used a stun gun, bringing Arthur to the ground.

He continued to resist arrest as officers tried to detain him. When officers instructed him to roll, over he yelled, “No! F— you!” before officers took him into custody.

Arthur was charged with battery upon a peace officer, assault upon a peace officer and resisting arrest.

If convicted, Arthur could face four years for the new charges on top of  the previous charges from the warrant. The crime on the warrant was not made clear.