Brian Salazar, 47, of Rio Rancho, was arrested for aggravated battery and larceny on July 6 at a residence in Loma Colorado.

According to a criminal complaint filed by Rio Rancho Police Department with the Sandoval County Magistrate Court in Bernalillo, the victim told responding officers he was doing yard work next door and began walking back to his own residence. While talking on a cell phone, Salazar was raking in the front yard. The victim told police they heard Salazar utter something. He got off the call and was confronted by Salazar, who made statements about wanting to fight the victim.

The victim said Salazar then hit him with the rake in the mouth, on the back and in the face, leaving a gash between the victim’s eyes.

The victim said he tried to get away from Salazar and did not know why he was attacked. Salazar is also accused of taking the victim’s phone

Salazar told police he and the victim had gone to the store earlier that day, adding that a toy that was purchased was missing and that the victim charged at him in an aggressive manner.

The victim then said that Salazar swung at him with a closed fist.

The injury to the victim’s face was not consistent with a punch to the face according to the report. It was, however, consistent with an injury from a rake or similar object.

If convicted, Salazar could face five to 25-plus years for the aggravated battery alone. He would serve an additional six months and have to pay a fine for the larceny.