A 27-year-old Rio Rancho man is being accused of battery against a household member.

At about 7:40 p.m. May 1, Rio Rancho Police Department was dispatched to the intersection of Broadmoor Boulevard and West Island Drive in response to a call of a domestic dispute. 

Ross Vigil and a woman were heading to an event at Cottonwood Mall when they got into an argument about their relationship and the recent death of his parents. 

She was driving down Southern Boulevard when she suddenly stopped just past Fire Station 1 after Vigil got out of the truck while it was moving. 

A witness later told officers the suspect walked around to the driver’s door and started yelling at the woman. He opened the door and started throwing numerous unidentified things into the vehicle, according to a criminal complaint.

The witness and driver told the man to stop. He briefly walked away before coming back and getting back into the truck, which then continued down Southern. 

When the pickup turned onto Nicklaus Drive, the witness told officers she saw them through the back window when Vigil allegedly hit the driver. 

The victim said he allegedly grabbed her face and cursed at her several times.

The witness honked her horn at the truck, which then pulled over near the intersection of Nicklaus and Broadmoor.  

When Vigil got out and began walking away, the victim asked Vigil for the keys. He ignored her, then walked north on Broadmoor. 

The victim then drove toward the intersection of Broadmoor and West Island. 

The witness followed the pickup and pulled over, where she saw the victim get out of the truck crying. She had blood on her right cheek and red marks on her face, neck and chest areas, according to the complaint.

Officers later saw a scratch mark on the victim’s chest, but no other injuries. 

Vigil had an injured right hand.

When asked about the hand, Vigil said the injury “was unrelated and nothing physical happened,” according to the complaint.  

He was arrested and sent to Sandoval County Detention Center without incident. 

Vigil is being accused of battery against a household member and deprivation of the property of a household member. 

He pleaded not guilty to both charges at a May 2 initial appearance. 

A pretrial hearing has been scheduled for 8:30 a.m. June 29. 

If convicted, Vigil could face up to two years in prison and a $2,000 fine.