From left, Jessica Tyler, left, 11-year-old Steel Rust and Jessica’s daughter Kaitlynn Tyler hold up Bob Tyler signs outside the polling location in Enchantment Hills Tuesday morning. (Gregory Hasman/Observer)

Candidates for the Rio Rancho City Council District 3 seat are making their last pitches to voters on Tuesday. 

Incumbent Bob Tyler is looking to win a second term against challenger Joshua Antonio Jones. 

In the regular municipal election on March 1, the contest had three candidates, Tyler, Jones and Clyde Ward, but no one received more than 50 percent of the votes. If such a situation arises, the city charter requires a runoff election between the top two candidates. 

Tyler admits it has been a stressful few weeks because he has had to campaign all over again in a short period of time.  

Every effort  the campaign put in for the March 1 election has to be done again in a matter of weeks, which increases the stress level because “you’re trying to get everything accomplished,” he said.  

Joshua Antonio Jones

Jones, who is also having to get his message out to prospective voters in less time than in the regular election, said he is appreciative of those who have helped or supported him. 

“I have an excellent team,” he said, adding that they have inspired people to vote, regardless of who they support, and “get involved in the political process here in Rio Rancho.” 

As of Tuesday morning, there were 733 early voters and 29 absentee voters.  As of 11:15 a.m. Tuesday, 90 people have voted on Election Day, though no unofficial results are in yet.


‘Rio Rancho will still be in good hands’

Resident Larry Jameson came out to vote for Tyler at Plaza @ Enchantment Hills. 

Tyler has some great ideas, including the desire to bring in new businesses to the area, Jameson said, adding that he thinks Tyler is a family man who is committed to Rio Rancho.  

“He seems like a good guy,” Jameson said. 

Eligible voters can go to the Broadmoor Senior Center (Clerk’s Annex), 3241 Broadmoor Blvd., or the Plaza @ Enchanted Hills, 7845 Enchanted Hills Blvd., Suite 100. 

The polls close at 7 p.m.  

“I think no matter the outcome today, Rio Rancho will still be in good hands,” Jones said.  

The winner will serve a four-year term.