Gilbert C. Luna Jr. received certificate from RR Mayor Gregg Hull (Garrison Wells/Observer)


There was no shortage of veterans on Veterans Day at the memorial Friday.

But there was one special veteran, Gilbert C. Luna Jr., who received a certificate and coin from the City of Rio Rancho for his service in the U.S. Army.

Luna served from May 1945 to Oct. 1946. He was drafted at the age of 18, 30 days after he graduated from high school.

Basic was at Fort Bragg, Texas and his regiment was set to hit Japan when the bomb was dropped and his assignment changed. He was sent to Fort Knox, Ky., where he served as company clerk and played baritone saxophone for the Army band.

He came home and became a dentist, working in the community for 55 years. Luna retired in 2009.

He was handed his certificate by RR Mayor Gregg Hull.

“Your dedication to our country and the military are commendable and honorable,” the certificate said.