Lora Martinez-Cunningham

SAG-AFTRA actor Lora Martinez-Cunningham is well known throughout the New Mexico film community.

According to her IMDB profile, she has 70 acting credits.

Her demo reel is here.

Besides being a working actor, she teaches film acting courses at ABQ Actors’ Studio, shoots professional portraits, directs and owns her own production company.

“I have a production company called Cunningham Production, and I produce and direct commercials, PSAs and videos,” Martinez-Cunningham said.

She hopes her directing projects can provide jobs for local cast and crews.

Martinez-Cunningham has made it her responsibility to help local filmmakers and actors grow.

“I spent so many years spinning my wheels, trying to become what ‘they’ want, trying to figure out what ‘they’ were looking for,” she said. “It became more of, ‘Here is what I am offering; here’s me; take it or leave it.’”

She trains adult actors in New Mexico from those just starting out to advanced actors looking to sharpen their craft.

“Mark Medoff started me on this career path, and I will forever be grateful,” Martinez-Cunningham said.

While she was obtaining her Master of Business Administration at New Mexico State University, the film “Homage” was shooting in the area and was produced by Tony Award winner and playwright Mark Medoff.

According to Martinez-Cunningham, she asked about any available roles and a production assistant was able to squeak her in for an audition. Medoff was already impressed with her potential and decided to give her a shot.

Martinez-Cunningham booked the role and recalled falling to her knees, crying in excitement and astonishment. She played Cecelia Tellez, the wife of actor Danny Nucci’s character in the film.

“I asked him (Medoff), ‘How do I do this for the rest of my life?’ and he said, ‘You need training,’” Martinez-Cunningham said.

She trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, and stayed there for 15 years.

Martinez-Cunningham is a multiple-award-winning director, with several ADDY Awards (American Advertising Awards) under her belt.

According to the Cunningham Production website, she has over 20 years of experience working closely with film and television’s most well-respected and reputable individuals and companies.

She was hired by The CW network to privately coach two of the series regulars in a hit TV show recently filmed in New Mexico.

If you would like to work with Cunningham on a video commercial or PSA project for your business, visit https://www.cunninghamproduction.com/

If you would like more information on her classes or head shots, visit https://www.abqactorsstudio.com/