I heard someone on the radio the other day mentioning that the great part of living in N.M. deals with the weather and the cost of housing. There was nothing said about education, politics, religion, economy, etc.

I have lived in New Mexico for about 8 years now, and continue to be amazed at the seeming sense of people being okay with living in mediocrity, in comparison to the rest of the nation. We seem to rank at the bottom of the rankings in most areas of importance, when dealing with positive things. However, we are high in crime, theft, drugs, etc.

What would it take for us, as a state, to take steps necessary to improve, to rank better, to be better? I would love for NM to be known for things other than the nice weather and crime. The politics seem to be a disaster. The education is a disaster. Why are those who make the decisions for the general population okay with making dumb decisions?  Decisions that don’t really seem to make a lot of sense. A lot of complaints seem to be mentioned with regards to the economy, education system, politics, etc. Where are the solutions? What will it take to turn our state around? Who can I talk to? Who cares enough to make the difficult push to improve this state? Are the media outlets doing their part to truly represent the voice of the people? I have many more questions, but want to make sure I am asking the right people.

Please guide me in this.  New Mexico has the potential to be great, but seems to be lacking in the people who are united in making it great.

Jason Cowden, DMD