This past year and a half of COVID shutdown and isolation have been rough on everyone.

Senior citizens are anxious to return to our friends and activities. With the supervision of programs and our lunch social hour, we fully realize the importance of the Meadowlark Senior Center to our retirement years.

The senior center gave us something to look forward to each weekday. Our group of friends includes the dedicated city and county employees and the many volunteers.

My observations are that the new division manager, Martin Moulton, is a welcome addition to the staff. He seeks input from “his people” and is building on the programs put in place by retired manager Liz Smyth.

Mr. Moulton brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his new job, along with a true concern for us seniors. He has numerous progressive ideas to include in the offerings of the center.

The continued reopening of the Meadowlark Senior Center and the anticipated opening of the Broadmoor Senior Center will further enrich our lives and keep our families happy as well.

City, county and state officials are to be praised for their continued support of the centers and other facilities that make life in Rio Rancho what it is: enjoyable! In my opinion this is tax monies well spent!

Welcome, Mr. Moulton.

Daniel McClarin