Since I am quick to send a letter to the editor when I disagree with something or find it inaccurate, I wanted to write to thank you for your editorial last Sunday, “Don’t Use the Media as a Scapegoat.”

As you pointed out, we all need fair, accurate reporting every day, but especially during this COVID-19 crisis. There are so many sources on social media for fake news, as well as national media outlets that sometimes air items that belong more in an opinion format than being presented as news.

Perhaps one of the most important sentences in your editorial was, “Don’t let your preconceived notions be the judge of the value of any article, but consider the reliability of the organization and sources quoted.”

In this world of silos where we only want to read and hear those sources with whom we agree, accuracy often gets lost.

Please continue on the path you outlined in your column.

Karen Schafer

Rio Rancho