Once again, New Mexico chooses to impose more hurt, more disgrace and a repugnant “Second Chance” bill on the good people that reside here.

When authors of bills or journalists become too close to criminals and fall in love with the hopes of criminal reconciliation, they do a great disservice to the victims and indeed re-victimize them.

In light of poor legislative muscle from the current administration, the last thing New Mexico needs is self-aggrandizing newsprint psychologists setting the stage for legislative initiatives the governor will have a hard time coming to terms with, given her newfound desire to support law enforcement.

When it comes to serious youthful offenders, one must take a look at the legitimate facts. In the case of Michael Brown and witnesses who testified against him, he was a wannabe gangster who never thought about anything but his next gratification.

On the day Edward and Marie Brown were murdered, Michael used his faculties of reason to: cheat on his girlfriend, steal beer from his grandfather, hatch a plan to murder his grandparents, practice that plan and then have the plan deployed.

Even though he did not plunge a knife into them personally, he directed the other two teenagers to complete his plan.

Afterwards, he stepped around his dying grandmother in the hallway, went into his grandfather’s bedroom and reached under his pillow to retrieve the keys to the car.

He had to lift his grandfather’s head to do this in order to leave the premises.

Now, 28 years later, some disingenuous social thinkers believe this wannabe gangster, who spent time in prison, is going to come out as a saint with a mature brain.

You are talking about a kid who robbed from others to support his pleasures, never held down a credible job and now he’s going to come back into the world as a giver because he “watches over suicidal inmates” and wants to be a “drug and alcohol” councilor.

That’s like putting Eric Holder in charge of the federal FOIA program. You know, like the fox watching the henhouse.

It’s deplorable that anyone thinks this legislation is a winner.

Michael is going to do what he needs to do, at first, but he is going to lean on what family he has left or procured while incarcerated to fulfill his unrepentant needs. When he doesn’t get his way, someone else is going to pay.

Stop the insanity by voting this heinous joke of a bill down.

If it does make it to the governor’s desk, well, she’s got some reasoning of her own to do.

Courting law and order for the first time in four years is a sizable task and her electability is in question.

Ronda Orchard
Rio Rancho