I find it curious that Rio Rancho, the third-largest city in New Mexico, has no COVID-19 vaccination sites.
It is especially curious since there is a large number of senior citizens who reside in Rio Rancho and are probably in the first or second group scheduled to get their vaccine and are not able to drive into Albuquerque.
I spoke with a woman in the New Mexico Department of Health about this. She said there were no plans to have a vaccine site in Rio Rancho.
I understood her to say that they work with the various municipalities to coordinate the vaccination sites. Hmmmmmm?
Wonder why the government of the third-largest city has not reached out and offered the Rio Rancho Events Center or its parking lot as a vaccination site? It seems to me that the “City of Vision” has once again shown it has “no vision” for its residents.
Diane Taylor
Rio Rancho

Editor’s note: Mayor Gregg Hull posted the following statement on his Facebook page Feb. 10: “My office has received several calls with regard to the vaccine distribution. The city is working with the county and (state Department of Health), and they are the lead when selecting sites and vaccine distribution.
“The city is currently working with DOH on the possibility of using the Rio Rancho Events Center as a vaccine site. We are waiting to see if the site is approved.
“In the meantime, the DOH and the county have the lead on this, and we will continue to work through them. Thank you, (Sandoval County Emergency Manager) Seth Muller and (City of Rio Rancho Emergency Manager) Theresa Greeno, for your work on this!”
City spokeswoman Annemarie Garcia declined to provide more information for publication, saying information might change before it was printed.