The comments by Jodilyn Ortiz, in the Dec. 5, 2021, Rio Rancho Observer are completely inaccurate concerning the redistricting plans proposed for Sandoval County and my positions.

A Republican company created the four redistricting plans.

All the plans — A, B, C and D — would violate the redistricting principle of “packing” which, in the case of these plans, would place most voting-age Native Americans into one district, thereby limiting their ability to influence more than one commissioner.

This tactic is not permitted and has been settled by prior case law.

Her allegation that the plan I sponsored is highly partisan is incorrect.

That plan, which has since been modified to accurately designate the five districts and includes Commissioner Michael Meek in District 3, was created to undo the packing of Native Americans into one district, restore the Town of Bernalillo to be in only one district, adhere to the principle of contiguity and maintain the cores of the prior configurations of the districts.

The original Fair Plan did not change the voter registration composition of District 1 significantly from that as depicted in Plan D.

If Ms. Ortiz had listened to my comments at the last commission meeting and studied the plans in question, she would have known that.

The original Fair Plan does not gerrymander. The original and revised Plan D does gerrymander.

Again, an understanding of the facts is essential before one makes comments.

The original Plan D and its revision are a true example of the Republican Party’s naked power grab and shows a party that is broken.

No new ideas — no ideas at all.

Their blatant disregard for the residents of Sandoval County, especially the Native American citizens, is just a repeat of their actions when trying to ram an oil and gas ordinance down our throats that would have given carte blanche to the industry to frack in Sandoval County.

Ms. Ortiz should study the facts rather than parroting the lines of her Republican leaders.

Katherine Bruch
Sandoval County District 1 Commissioner