Regarding the IRBs for the Encino North Solar Farm: Did anybody that approved this know that PNM’s system (the grid) is already maxed-out in and around Rio Rancho?

This means that if you want to put solar panels on your roof and generate power, and be tied into the grid, you can’t!

The system can only handle so much customer-generated solar power, and it’s basically maxed-out already.

So, once again, big government is helping the (power) monopoly make more money, while the little guy isn’t able to offset the rising price of power.

In approving the IRB, did the agency responsible know any of this?

Is PNM required to add “feeders” and/or increase capacity to accommodate customer-generated solar?

At a minimum, expanding the ability of the grid to handle thousands of new customer-generated power feeds onto the grid should be a requirement of PNM receiving these IRBs.

Matthew Carle
Rio Rancho

(Editor’s note: The industrial revenue bond for the Encino North Solar Farm hasn’t been approved. Sandoval County commissioners voted to publish the intent to consider the IRB during their meeting Oct. 21. For more information see the article in the Oct. 24 Observer.)