COVID-19 has killed and will continue to kill our fellow Americans.
We now have vaccines to combat this virus, but also need to combat the variants of COVID-19. Vaccinations of all Americans is necessary to finally eliminate this deadly virus, and hopefully it can happen by the end of 2021 or sooner.
In my previous letters that I wrote, I gave information about a history of vaccinations and if this worldwide virus is a wakeup call to the world from God.
The U.S. government did have a special department set up to monitor future pandemics and be prepared for it. It was the “White House National Security Council Directive for Global Health Security and Biodefense.”
It was set up during the Obama administration and a so-called playbook was developed. Unfortunately it was eliminated by the Trump Administration well before the COVID-19 virus in 2019.
We really need to ask why the past administration eliminated this very important initiative. We Americans rely on our U.S. government to protect us in many ways for our welfare.
Another unfortunate situation happening in the state of Texas is with the failure of the electrical grid, which indicates a failure of the state’s elected officials.
The electric company was warned to winterize their operations. The electric company and the Texas government should be held accountable for their inaction in protecting all of their Texas citizens, especially during an ongoing pandemic.
Let it be clear: When we have early and credible information about potential health-related situations that we may face, we expect our elected officials to act responsibly. If they do not follow through, people die. Let them face the consequence to be voted out of office, and justifiably so.
It has been reported that this electric company did not want to be involved with some federal regulations on how to operate their company. It appears by not doing so, the citizens of Texas are now looking at billions of dollars needed to correct their foreseeable mistake.
The people of Texas had their share of COVID-19 deaths, as with many other states.
Now they have to deal with no electricity for heating their homes, no running water and frozen water pipes. Therefore because of this disaster, people died.
With much water damage, homes, apartment buildings, government buildings and other structures are now in ruin. We citizens and elected officials of America need to understand that we need necessary and correct federal and state regulations for our safety and wellbeing.
This is why we have regulations to provide clean air, clean water, safe food, drugs and working conditions, just to name a few for our mutual benefit. It is quite possible a complete investigation will take place.
We as citizens need to find out who is responsible, what possible criminal actions did take place and file possible lawsuits. Certain people will and should be held accountable for their actions and/or inactions.
If certain Texans need to be prosecuted and sent to jail, then so be it.
Thomas E. Carter
Rio Rancho