Right now, New Mexico is ranked the 48th best place in the country for business, while our neighbors Arizona, Colorado and Texas rank among the top 20.
If we want to build a better future for New Mexico, we must work together with legislators to escape this rank and move upward.
We want to be an agent for positive change in our community and work hand-in-glove with officials to make New Mexico more prosperous. To do so, we joined a coalition of more than 20 business groups across New Mexico calling on lawmakers to focus on economic development and job growth statewide.
In Rio Rancho, we are proud to host many small, medium, and large businesses. They are the foundation of our community and help improve our quality of life.
We must work together to encourage new investment and entrepreneurship, and support our small businesses.
Unfortunately, a number of bills moving through the Roundhouse would make it more difficult to be small-business owners. Some of the most troubling bills in this session include tax and health care cost increases, and bills that will raise energy costs for consumers.
Let’s focus not only on today, but also the future. Let’s pursue policies that better position New Mexico for the next wave of investment, rather than driving it to our competitors across state lines.
Let’s work together to build a better New Mexico.
Jaime Gallardo
Member advocate, Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce