After a lifetime of chasing a career and retirement — raising a family and doing our best to meet obligations — many of us are thrown a curveball in our plans, with COVID being one of those curveballs.
Losing a loved one can bring on depression and confusion about our future happiness. Attending Meadowlark Senior Center activities is the cure to re-engaging in life!
The county and city employees are the key to us senior citizens realizing that we are valued and appreciated. We observe that the employees have a sense of pride in their jobs and are very professional. The pleasant ambiance at the center is due in a large part on the efficient and empathetic attitudes of the county and city supervisors at the center.
We are soon to lose Liz Smyth to retirement. She will be missed and difficult to replace, to be sure!
Change happens and, as one ages, is more difficult to adapt to, but we will do it and continue to appreciate our senior center. Our families are pleased that we have a life!
We thank county and city officials who support the centers.
When you achieve the coveted status of “retired senior citizen,” we will welcome you to join us in our fun time. The life experiences of members are amazing, as are yours.
Dan McClarin