Two past issues of the Observer presented letters to the editor with contrasting visions for the Rio Rancho public schools.
One vision identified positive improvements such as a focus on career technical education, ensuring the availability of high-speed broadband and teaching financial literacy. These are enhancements that will benefit students throughout their lifetime.
I would give the other vision a failing grade. It falsely asserted that critical race theory is being taught in our schools and dishonestly attacked Superintendent Sue Cleveland for explaining that CRT is not in the curriculum. CRT is only taught in law school curriculum.
As a Rio Rancho resident who cares deeply about education, I believe we need to focus on making our excellent school system better for all students.
That goal requires constructive ideas for improvement, not baseless accusations.
Since the beginning of COVID-19, Rio Rancho teachers, staff and administrators have worked overtime under unimaginably adverse conditions to promote the education and well-being of our students.
We should show our gratitude and respect by being helpful and constructive.
Phony and divisive accusations are the last thing we need.
Deborah Barnum
Rio Rancho