I would like to suggest a different approach by the City of Rio Rancho in the transition of the naming rights of the events center.
The Pueblo of Santa Ana has paid handsomely for naming rights to the center since 2006, and has only regretfully non-renewed its contract due to the lost revenue from the casino caused by the COVID-19 crisis. They have made the sensible and humanitarian choice to focus their funds on the needs of the pueblo.
Why waste Rio Rancho funds to rebrand the center as the “Rio Rancho Events Center,” only to rebrand again when a new client is identified? Leave the branding in place, at least until another opportunity presents itself.
The pueblo has been a good partner for 14 years. It won’t cost the city anything to leave the current branding in place in the interim, and in fact, the city will save money.
Do the right thing, Rio Rancho.
Bob DeWitt