I was stunned by what I heard over the weekend. The Biden Administration suggested to the American citizens in Afghanistan that they “shelter in place.”

That suggestion demonstrated their complete disregard for reality and their utter contempt for reason.

When you tell people to “shelter in place,” that assumes that when the crisis is over, there will be police, fire and ambulance services available to find you and help you out of whatever closet you happen to be hiding in.

As the Taliban were overtaking Afghanistan, it was obvious to even the most ostrich-like ignoramus that the “shelter in place” suggestion was more like a “die in place” order.

The debacle of tossing the Afghanis to a certain, inhumane future will be an enormous hurdle for U.S. diplomats for years to come.

It’s time to use the 25th Amendment (succession when the president is removed from office) on the 46th president.

Alastair Black
Rio Rancho