In this political season, we all want transparency.

However, when that transparency seems to affect one party over another, all chaos breaks loose. Case in point: last week when Ms. Gallegos published a letter against me for bringing to the public’s attention the firing for wrongdoing by Anne Brady-Romero, who is currently running for county clerk

I am proud that my reputation is one of speaking out against officials, no matter what party. When I spoke out against fellow Republicans, the Democrats were kind enough to jump on board and support me.

When I called for Ms. Brady-Romero to drop out of the race for electioneering after an exhaustive investigation in which she admitted to committing these illegal violations, the Democrats called that a smear and unprofessional.

Do you really think the Democrats would try to hide this matter if Ms. Brady-Romero was a Republican? Of course not.

By the way, I know Ms. Brady-Romero; she’s a nice person, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is following the law, and if she can’t do that as a candidate using county time and property to run a campaign, how can we expect her to follow the law if elected to an important position like county clerk.

What’s even more interesting is what the Democrats don’t tell you: She was fired by her Democrat boss, the county clerk who would not look the other way and did what was right.

But this is an election year, and unfortunately no Democrats are stepping up to call for her to drop out. Instead they are doubling down and coming up with lies to protect one of their own at your expense.

This is politics at its worst. Let me say that word again, politics.

Let’s break it down: “poli,” meaning many, and “tics,” meaning bloodsuckers. Many bloodsuckers. That’s what we’re seeing here.

A candidate breaks the law, gets fired, the firing is public knowledge and I post to inform voters since the other side tried to hide it, and now, they come after me with lies. Typical political play. However, you the people see right through this falsehood.

Bottom line: Democrats should not be hiding the fact that their candidate was fired for wrongdoing. Also, the Democratic Party of Sandoval County Facebook page deletes posts about this incident, and Democrats running for office support this behavior by refusing to

speak out because they are more concerned about their political futures than doing what’s right.

This is what’s wrong with politics today on both sides. But this incident happened, and you should know the truth.

The truth is, Ms. Brady-Romero did this to herself by knowingly breaking the rules and getting caught. Thankfully she was held accountable by losing her job.

This should disqualify her from office, but she will not drop out. That would show character and that is something many in politics lack these days.

Because of that, the public is left out in the cold. Ms. Brady-Romero should drop out now.

Jay Block

Sandoval County Commissioner

Rio Rancho