Ever noticed how similar the viewpoints of all the BC and BS Networks (ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS) are?

A Google search of headquarters locations shows that, except for PBS in the DC suburbs, all, and even Fox, are located in Manhattan. This Manhattan media monopoly might have something to do with why they were so bewildered when the unwashed denizens of “flyover country” rose up and elected Trump over the media-anointed next president.

With the whole entourage being located within walking distance, it seems likely that there is a watering hole in Manhattan, known either officially or unofficially as the Ministry of Truth. A place where the “cool kids” meet and set the agenda for public political fashion.

How does Mini-Tru affect the news? Take the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case.

Zimmerman claimed that Martin jumped him and was pounding his head into the pavement before he shot. BC/BS covered the best evidence of this, the bloody back of Zimmerman’s head, with the same pattern of pixels. Fox did not.

When the issue came up of why Zimmerman had not left the area and let the cops handle things, he stated “These (bleep) always get away with it,” referring to his previous experience that prowlers disappear before the police get there. The bleeped word had two syllables.

BC/BS bleeped both and the overwhelming majority of the public assumed that it started with an “N.” Fox bleeped only the first syllable.

Low and behold, the second syllable was not “gers,” it was “holes”! In fact the only racial pejorative spoken during the entire incident was Martin on the phone with his girlfriend describing Zimmerman as “some creepy cracker.”

When the evidence came out in court, Zimmerman was innocent. In the media, he is still guilty.

Al Sharpton can still use him as a rallying cry, without the media ever calling him on it.

Why the irrebuttable presumption of guilt?

George Zimmerman, like Richard Jewel before him, meets the same profile: thirty-something, overweight white man, in a paid or unpaid security position. Both bear a strong resemblance to the rent-a-cop who used to move the budding journalist along, when he was a teenager making a nuisance of himself at the mall.

That’s all the proof necessary. When several like minds have cocktails at Mini-Tru, the story is set in stone.

When those to the right of center, and even skeptical centrists, see examples like the above, BC/BS has the credibility of the village idiot. This is, of course, the mirror image of how liberals view Fox.

The problem is that “Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds an acorn.”

COVID-19 was an acorn belatedly found by BC/BS, but not by Fox. However, with half the country ignoring BC/BS news, they remained oblivious to the threat, until Fox and Trump started telling them it was real.

The slow response of the federal government, and the public, are the result. This will cost lives.

Ken McDaniel

Rio Rancho