Superintendent of Rio Rancho Public Schools Sue Cleveland would have you believe that our government schools are not providing Critical Race Theory curriculum to students.
In fact, she went to such lengths as to address the subject in a recent article published by the Rio Rancho Observer.
But what is Critical Race Theory?
Evolving from Marxist origins, CRT has become a school of philosophy that underpins identity politics, an ongoing effort to re-imagine our country as a nation not of individuals united under common purposes, but as one riven by groups based on sex, race, national origin or gender with emphasis on specific claims of victimization. Victimhood is what commands attention, respect and entitlements, seen as compensatory justice.
Cleveland was quoted that CRT is “normally taught in higher ed … (and is) not appropriate for K through 12.”
Dr. Cleveland emphatically asserts that this highly controversial and politically motivated material does not play a role in educating our youth. But surely she is aware that Critical Race Theory is very much a part of the mandatory training for teachers across Rio Rancho Public Schools.
A number of anonymous instructors from RRPS reached out to me directly, providing screenshots of training materials. The training consists of a series of online videos and slide shows.
Terms like “cultural competence” and “implicit racial bias” are used liberally.
There is a slide that addresses the concept of “implicit racial bias” directly:
“Many people don’t want to admit that they have implicit biases because this can bring about uncomfortable feelings and expose negative beliefs you never intended or wanted to have. Implicit racial biases are not the same as known or explicit biases, which someone may purposely choose to keep to themselves for fear of being judged by society.
“Everyone has implicit racial biases. They are built and shaped unconsciously through our history and cultures, and no belief we have consciously chosen for ourselves. What is important is that we recognize and understand our biases so that we may adjust our behavior accordingly.”
This definition of implicit racial bias seems to suggest that everyone is racist and we have to try hard to not be racist.
And it is being represented here as indisputable fact. But what does this mean?
It means that all of our children are being taught by teachers who have undergone this mandatory training. By no means am I suggesting that our beloved teachers have adopted this misguided mantra of thinking and I hope that they are not succumbing to this liberal-progressive leftist propaganda.
However, it is clear that Critical Race Theory has manifested itself as mandatory training that is being peddled to our educators.
I pray they are not succumbing to this liberal-progressive leftist propaganda.
What is this doing in our schools? Why has Dr. Cleveland allowed this?
In the end, true equality will be achieved by maximizing the ability of Americans to become self-sufficient, not by dividing Americans on the basis of race and apportioning resources based on skin color.

Patrick Monroe Brenner
Rio Rancho