Many parents find it difficult to help their children with math, particularly during the COVID-19 restrictions.
Common Core is mandated by the State of New Mexico. It does not allow teachers and parents to participate in what is being taught.
Moreover, it is written by large well-funded lobbyists, Princeton Publications and other political groups. Even when parents have skills in math, Common Core is confusing because it is a cookie-cutter approach, sampling different areas of math.
Traditional math has a logical sequence, one concept building on another. Common Core can be compared to going to a restaurant, where you might start with the dessert, then go for the main course and end with the salad.
Students see specific techniques, but not how they are connected. This defective scheme does not encourage students to develop a mental habit of looking at other subjects in a logical way.
Mathematics traditionally is a model for developing mental discipline. Students need this mental habit to encourage them not to make decisions based on how they feel, but on objective facts and how they are connected.
Parents have always been considered the primary educators of their children, but political activism has created serious obstacles for families and even teachers who want to do their job. This is why private schools, home-schooling and school choice are important considerations for parents.
Lawrence W. Swienciki, PhD
Rio Rancho