I am a new resident of New Mexico and find it very frustrating to find out information on candidates before elections. It seems that many candidates do not have websites or Facebook pages.

Case in point: I am very interested in the upcoming District 44 state House of Representatives race between Rep. Jane Powdrell-Culbert and Gary Tripp. Mr. Tripp has a website, a newsletter and a Facebook page, and I have been able to find out a great deal on him.

Even though Ms. Powdrell-Culbert had an opinion piece in the July 26 Rio Rancho Observer, it did not enlighten me on her background, education or any experience outside of her office.  It also did not address most of the important facing New Mexico and District 44.

I was able to find that she has served nine terms in office. Perhaps she is taking her constituents for granted.

I understand incumbents sometimes believe everyone knows them, but New Mexico is a retirement state, and we transplants need to be able to find out information, especially in this time of seclusion, online. I also feel that our elected representatives have an obligation to communicate with us.

We want to be good citizens and voters of our newly adopted state, so please, candidates, set up websites so we seniors can find out about you easily.

Kathleen Lipnis