I want to thank the author of this article (“Chronic pain calls for innovative solutions,” Aug. 1 Observer) for her bringing the plight of pain patients to light.

I am a severe pain patient (chronic pancreatitis), and Cheryl Everett really understands pain patients’ difficulty trying to continue medication therapy.

The 2016 U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines on pain medication are so unfair and uncaring for us.

Some doctors are even afraid to treat pain now.

I myself recently had a surgery to implant a pain pump in my body. I do finally have relief.

I also have wonderful doctors. I am lucky.

Before the surgery, my pain medication was tapered (by a doctor that I no longer see) so much that my quality of life was reduced tremendously.

Not so lucky are the many severe pain patients who have their medications tapered or completely stopped. I fight for them as much as I can. It is the illegal drugs to which most succumb and die.

Pain patients are not addicts. We just need our relief, to live our lives with less debilitating pain.

Thank you.

Judy “Bram” Cast
Rio Rancho