While out Christmas shopping this past week in Rio Rancho, I noticed a truly scenic photo opportunity of Sandia Peak. However, with the camera poised for the shot, I noticed a plastic bag blowing in the breeze while attached to the tree.

Shouldn’t the Rio Rancho city government be taking action to prevent plastic bags from catching in the trees and causing other harm to our environment?

As Albuquerque begins its ban on plastic bags on Jan. 1, RR City Hall replies “there is no pending legislature” regarding plastic bags. These bags are not biodegradable and harm our soil and water and entangle birds and cause death to animals that ingest them.

Many plastic bags are not recycled because the cost is more than to produce a new one.

When I look around Rio Rancho neighborhoods trash pick-up days, I see the majority of households faithfully putting out their green recycling bins. This tells me that Rio Rancho residents do indeed care about protecting the environment.

It takes more time and effort to sort recyclable items than to carry reusable bags in our vehicles, so shouldn’t Rio Rancho residents be granted the opportunity to show their concern for our environment by eliminating the use of plastic bags?

Sharon Moe Furl

Rio Rancho