The Rio Rancho Art Commission has seven dedicated art commissioners representing each of your council districts. We are an advisory body to the city council, making recommendations to enhance and promote the arts in Rio Rancho.

In December 2010, the council approved the creation of the Delma M. Petrullo Art in Public Places Ordinance. The ordinance requires that an amount equal to 1 percent of capital improvement bond proceeds be reserved for acquisition of art for public places.

The city’s next municipal election will take place on March 3, 2020. There will be two general obligation bonds on the ballot, one for improving roads and another for improving safety vehicles and equipment.

If these bonds are passed, the 1 percent proceeds will support the arts in Rio Rancho.

Rio Rancho has long needed a performance center for artist venues. This year, we decided that the funding from the 2016 road and the 2018 road and public safety bonds, dedicated to arts in public places, will go toward the Sky Room at the new performance space at Campus Park.

The Sky Room will serve as a community gathering space for various events.

The Sky Room creates an intimate place where live concerts, presentations and assemblies can take place.

Arts and culture provide entertainment and skills beyond dollars; arts bring value to our community and bring people together. Thank you for your continued support.

Linda Allison and Joe McDonnell

City of Rio Rancho Art Commission