Viruses have been with the human race as far back as 400 BC or even earlier. Inoculations can go back to the 1100s. It has been established that inoculations of a proven, tested and trusted vaccine do work to prevent serious diseases.

Over many years in the past, diseases such as small pox, cholera, yellow fever, diphtheria, rabies, typhoid fever, polio, measles, mumps, rubella and many others have been prevented by the “proven, tested and trusted” vaccines.

This data on vaccines that is available can be researched on your own. Your investigation should give you some basic education as to your consideration to vaccinate as a general health benefit or not.

As far as the COVID-19 virus, vaccines are being produced and ongoing testing is taking place around the world. What will be important is whatever vaccine or vaccines that are available, will they be “proven, tested and trusted”?

Hopefully each and every nation around the world will have a nationwide health plan as to how to implement procedures to vaccinate all of their citizens.

As a global society, we have opportunities to travel to many other countries. Some nations may have requirements for certain vaccines that must be taken and proven with written documentation.

This situation of the COVID-19 virus might also lead to a requirement that you must be vaccinated before you can enter another country and again with written documentation.

There will always be individuals of a certain number who will not want to be vaccinated. Perhaps these are the same people who refuse to wear a mask during this COVID-19 pandemic.

They may say it is their constitutional right to consider vaccinating or not. As for all of us, the decision will be our own.

As we go forward through the rest of this year 2020 and into 2021, where do we go as a nation in fighting this COVID-19 virus? Many people are still getting infected and the dying continues throughout the world.

It is quite possible that a “proven, tested and trusted” vaccine may not be available till sometime next year. If one vaccine becomes available by the end of 2020, so be it.

The task of being able to administer the vaccine in a timely fashion will still have to be worked out. Let it be understood that equal distribution of any and all vaccines are done fairly to all nations. Individuals who are responsible for this distribution shall and should be held accountable if they fail in following designated rules and guidelines for vaccine safety.

So there it is: Do we follow what is required by wearing the mask, doing social distancing, washing of hands and avoiding large gatherings of people? Your individual health situation on the COVID-19 pandemic will always be your decision to vaccinate or not, including the recommended flu shot.

Good luck and please consider what is written here. Stay healthy, not only for yourself, but also for all your friends and relatives.

Thomas E. Carter

Rio Rancho