Sandoval County needs to keep us posted on vaccination rates for our county.

I don’t hear or see statistics that are specific to our county. I have been on the New Mexico Health organization website and it is not easy to navigate.

I want to know these things:

  • Where are the immunizations taking place?
  • Are they going to have a mass immunization location?
  • Data with cases, deaths, etc., per municipality within Sandoval County?
  • Vaccination rates against the criteria set by the state per municipality within Sandoval County?
  • Each municipality should have separate data (Rio Rancho, Corrales, Cuba, etc.).

Our mayors, commissioners and Sandoval County need to post the information and update on a weekly basis. They must urge that we get an equal amount as other counties.

I don’t think Sandoval County is being taken care of.  Many of my friends in Bernalillo have had their immunizations, but my 80-year-old friends in Rio Rancho are still waiting for a call.

Teachers in Denver are already being immunized. The governor has asked the teachers to go back to school, but has not offered a safe defense of immunizations.

Linda Allison

Rio Rancho