The Second Amendment: A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Let’s discuss how the Second Amendment relates to the present 2021. We can all agree that a militia is our National Guard in each U.S. state and in the District of Columbia.

“Infringed” in today’s terms may mean I am allowed to own only certain types of weapons. As of today, we do have some kinds of weapons that are no longer allowed to be purchased or made by any weapon manufacturer, such as the Thompson sub machine gun, just to name one.

Speaking in terms of gun rights, safety and gun smarts, let’s try to find common ground that makes good sense for all legal gun owners.

Gun safety should always be the upmost concern for any gun owner. Each owner needs to read, understand and follow all information on how to operate, maintain and store each weapon they own.

Each owner needs to place all weapons and ammo in a safe and secure storage container when not in use. I would call that “gun smarts.”

We as a nation have a problem with frequent “mass shootings” that are killing and wounding many innocent people, including young children. It may be a hand gun, shotgun, rifle or perhaps a weapon that is similar to what our military troops use.

Many people die every day around the world, but why do we think the United States of America is a leader in the killing of people with firearms?

Is it possible that we as a free democratic society can come to some common ground and sense on how to prevent any kind of senseless killing with firearms? Universal background checks are needed for the public safety.

It needs to be designed correctly so that we allow law-abiding citizens to purchase a firearm per the Second Amendment and not allow an individual with a medical mental condition to have access to one.

How should we go forward with so-called ghost guns, concealed carry, open carry, red-flag laws and enforcing gun laws we have now? How do we follow through on these issues without infringing on a legal gun owner’s rights?

Is it possible we can ever come to any mutual solution nationwide that a majority of citizens can agree on when it comes to legal gun ownership?

This issue will continue for debate and will always come up for discussion when mass shootings occur now and in the future. We a free democratic constitutional republic must be able to show the rest of the world that the United States of America can and will find ways to prevent and control gun violence.

All legal American gun owners need mutual agreement to appropriate gun laws because they owe it to those who died by guns and those who will most likely and unfortunately continue to die.

Thomas Carter

Rio Rancho